Cloudera Empowers Data Talents for APAC’s Future Economy

Exactly a year ago, we launched the Cloudera Big Analytics Skills Enablement (BASE) Initiative in Singapore and Malaysia – an industry-led, holistic ecosystem to help nurture data professionals in the current and future workforce. Today, we have added China, Korea, and most recently, Indonesia to the list of Asia Pacific countries that have embarked on this meaningful journey with us. As we continue to broaden the reach of the BASE ecosystem and gear up for our next port of call, I want not only to reflect upon what we have accomplished so far, but also what the Cloudera BASE Initiative represents.

With so many governments launching smart city projects and an increasing number of businesses deploying data analytics capabilities, Asia Pacific (APAC) holds immense potential to become a nexus and gateway for transformational technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, in our conversations with governments, business leaders, and analysts in this region, one thing is apparent – the lack of skilled data professionals is a major pain point for the industry as the current demand far exceeds the supply. While organizations are equipped with the ambition and technical capabilities to achieve their digital transformation goals, there is simply not enough human expertise to fully drive the change. Furthermore, building a competitive skills base is key to a country’s attractiveness index for foreign investments. Having identified this challenge, we saw an opportunity for Cloudera to make a difference beyond our technical solutions.

But why is this important to Cloudera and why have we taken it upon ourselves to address this gap? As an open source company, education, upskilling, and knowledge sharing have always been part of the Cloudera ethos. As a result, we have spearheaded great initiatives like the Cloudera Academic Partnership (CAP) program, which is impacting the lives of aspiring data professionals all over the globe. We also offer a comprehensive line-up of training courses and certification exams to continue to empower data analysts, database administrators, and developers long after they have left school. Through our work in these areas, we have come to realize that there are many like-minded public and private stakeholders that want to build and contribute to an ecosystem where data talents are nurtured in a collaborative environment and where tangible support is provided at every step of the way.

With the tremendous support from our partners, governments, and other stakeholders, BASE has become an open channel where we can tap on each others’ capabilities, resources, and new ideas to work towards a common goal. Just like how organizations often have to overcome the challenge of data silos to implement a successful data management and analytics infrastructure, the BASE Initiative can be seen as a unifier that is breaking down the walls between individual organizations and integrating our vast knowledge to advance the industry as a whole.

This year, as Cloudera embarks on a journey to help customers make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow, we are in a prime position to continue leading change and empowering every stakeholder to do the same.


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